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I also make graphics & vids in those fandoms. I'm very friendly, I don't care what you ship, we can still be friends:)
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You never forget your first.

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My friend needs a ‘movie’cation and I’m planning a movie night for him. Hmu! 🙏


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i can’t lose you too.

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Captain Swan + colors -> requested by Shelly

it was beautiful to watch what Morrison and O’Donoghue were doing in the background—the way his hand never left her back or her shoulder, the way she leaned into him, the attentive way he looked at her. In those small details, we were able to see just how much Emma was opening herself up to being vulnerable with him and how much Hook treasured the moments she was giving him to show her how much he loves her. Perhaps the sweetest little detail was when the camera lingered on their hands, and we saw Emma move to intertwine her fingers with Hook’s—initiating a new level of intimacy yet again. In that one small gesture, she reassured him that she wasn’t going anywhere, and she silently asked him not to go anywhere, either. It was another way for her to show she wasn’t going to push him away anymore; she was holding on tighter than ever. Emma shows her feelings in actions rather than words, and this action was so small but so monumental for a woman who still isn’t used to the kind of intimacy that she’s diving into with him


I’ve got a plan, I’ve got an atlas in my hands
I’m gonna turn when I listen to the lessons I’ve learned [x]

“salvage of a lifetime, you meant the ship, i meant clara”
salvage of a lifetime, you meant the ship, i meant clara
they leave, because they should or because they find someone else. and some of them, some of them — forget me.